The Truth About The Fast Tracks: A Comprehensive Review

The Fast Tracks

So, You Want to Make Money Online?

Hi, fellow seeker of earnings!

You could be here because, like me, the 9-to-5 grind has worn you out, and you dream of a more flexible, rewarding way to make a living.

Maybe you’ve heard whispers of “affiliate marketing” and its potential riches, but you’re not sure where to start.

Right place, right time!

Today, we’re checking out The Fast Tracks, a program that transforms beginners, like you & me, into affiliate marketing pros. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick step back & get some context.

Wondering what Affiliate Marketing is all about?

Imagine this: you recommend a product you love to a friend, and they buy it based on your recommendation.

Exciting, right?

Now think about earning a commission for every sale you make. Start promoting, start earning.

It’s a win-win situation:

  • For you: You earn income without creating your own products, dealing with customer service, or managing inventory.
  • For the product owner: They reach a wider audience & boost their sales.
  • For the customer: They discover new products they might love.

Seems pretty nice, doesn’t it?

What is The Fast Tracks?

The Fast Tracks is a 6-week online training program created by Merlin Holmes, a seasoned affiliate marketer. Learn everything for a successful affiliate marketing business, even if you’re starting from scratch – that’s the promise!

The Fast Tracks: 6-Week Affiliate Marketing Program by Merlin Holmes

In this, you’ll find a handful of lessons:

  • Choosing the right niche: Find your sweet spot in the vast world of online products.
  • Creating engaging content: Craft compelling messages that attract and convert your audience.
  • Building a loyal email list: Nurture relationships with potential customers who trust your recommendations.
  • Driving targeted traffic: Get the right people in front of your offers using effective marketing strategies.
  • Scaling your business: Learn how to automate and optimize your efforts for maximum growth.

But before you get ahead of yourself, let’s also acknowledge that The Fast Tracks isn’t magic.

To see results, you need hard work, dedication, & constant effort.

Asking yourself if this program is the way to achieve financial freedom? Let’s keep exploring & find out!

Showing the Mystery: Merlin Holmes and his “Fast Tracks”

So, who is this Merlin Holmes, and what’s the deal with his “Fast Tracks” program?

Wondering about Merlin Holmes? Let’s discover together.

Imagine yourself hanging out on the beaches of Bali, sipping on a fresh coconut while your laptop churns out profits. That’s the kind of lifestyle Merlin Holmes paints a picture of. He claims to be a ClickBank affiliate marketing guru, raking in thousands of dollars daily using his secret strategies.

All you have to do is make a choice, and when you do, I am here to help you.
All you have to do is make a choice, and when you do, I am here to help you.

But is he the real deal or just another internet hype machine? Here’s what we know:

  • ClickBank Champ: Merlin’s been in the affiliate marketing game for years, battling it out in the trenches and turning ClickBank into a gold mine. He’ll show you how to go from zero to earning big, step-by-step.
  • Secret Strategies: He promises to reveal his “never-before-seen” strategies inside The Fast Tracks program, guaranteeing your path to financial freedom.
  • Testimonials: The website flaunts testimonials from happy customers singing the praises of The Fast Tracks program and its results.
$1k A Day Fast Track Program Results

Credibility Check

Now, while everything sounds exciting, some red flags might raise suspicion:

  • Low Profile: Merlin keeps a relatively low online profile, making it difficult to verify his claims and track his success.
  • Pen Names: He known to use pen names across different platforms which adds to the mystery surrounding his identity and credibility.
  • Refund Policy: The refund policy seems restrictive, raising questions about the program’s effectiveness & commitment to customer satisfaction.

Separating Fact from Fiction

So, can we trust Merlin and his “Fast Tracks” program? Use your head and think things through before taking any action. Look for evidence to back his claims, such as:

  • Sales Figures: Verification of his claimed ClickBank sales figures would lend significant weight to his expertise.
  • Client Endorsements: Testimonials from reputable sources within the affiliate marketing community would boost his credibility.
  • Seeing good things: Reviews on trusted websites and magazines could tell us how well the program works.

By carefully evaluating the evidence and remaining sceptical, you can decide whether The Fast Tracks program is right for you.

What’s the Deal with The Fast Tracks?

Curious about The Fast Tracks affiliate marketing program? We’ll dissect its claims & reveal the truth. Hold tight because we’re delving into the nitty-gritty of this program to see if it lives up to what it claims.

First things first, let’s talk about affiliate marketing. It’s this cool thing where you promote other people’s products and earn a commission every time someone buys through your unique link.

It’s like being a digital matchmaker, connecting people with things they want & getting rewarded for your efforts. How coooool is that?

It promises to teach you everything you need to know from “choosing the right niche” “building a profitable email list” and “driving traffic like a pro“. Sounds tempting, right right right?

Just a sec, let’s not move too fast. We need to see what this program is all about up close.

The Fast Tracks Inside Scoop

Go behind the scenes of Fast Tracks: 

Dive into the program’s core modules and bonus features.

  • Six weeks of intensive training: That’s right, you’ll spend six weeks learning the ropes of affiliate marketing from scratch.
  • Bite-sized modules: No need to feel overwhelmed! The program isn’t a giant piece; it’s in easy-to-handle sections. They cover all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.
  • Unique strategies like poll pages and 2nd-tier traffic sources: These are just a few of the secrets The Fast Tracks claims to hold, promising to set you apart from the competition.
  • Building a valuable email list: This is key to any successful affiliate marketing campaign, and The Fast Tracks promises to teach you how to do it like a boss.
  • Driving targeted traffic to your offers: It’s all about getting the right people in front of the right products, and The Fast Tracks claims to have the traffic-driving strategies you need.
The Fast Tracks Inside Scoop: 6 Weeks to Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Not done yet – there’s more to tell you!

The Fast Tracks also boasts a variety of features that make learning easier and more engaging:

  • Screenshots and real-life examples: Forget dry theory, The Fast Tracks promises to show you real-world examples of how these strategies can work for you.
  • Community support: Get help and advice from other students and even Merlin Holmes himself through the program’s community forum.
  • Bonuses galore: As if all that wasn’t enough, The Fast Tracks throws in some extra goodies to sweeten the deal, such as templates, checklists, and even software tools.

Fast Tracks: Shortcut to affiliate mastery or long-term hustle?

We’ll tackle that question in the next part. But for now, let’s be real—does it all sound pretty cool?

The Fast Tracks: Pros and Cons at a Glance

So, we’ve dissected what The Fast Tracks is all about and dug into Merlin Holmes’s background. Time to dig in and figure out the good stuff, the not-so-great stuff, and the downright ugly side of things.


  • Structured Course: The Fast Tracks is a 6-week program divided into easy-to-follow modules, making it ideal for beginners and those who prefer a clear roadmap.
  • Unique Strategies: The program teaches several unique traffic generation strategies including poll pages and 2nd tier traffic sources which can help you stand out in a crowded market.
  • Community Support: You’ll have access to a private community where you can ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Fast Tracks students and experienced affiliate marketers.
  • Proven Results: Merlin Holmes and several past participants have achieved impressive results using the program’s strategies, demonstrating its effectiveness.
  • Action Oriented: The program emphasizes taking action and implementing what you learn which is crucial for success in affiliate marketing.
Learn how to create a side hustle that only takes a few hours a week and can generate thousands in profit, even 6-figures or more per year.


  • Cost: The program is relatively expensive compared to some other affiliate marketing courses.
  • No Live Webinars: All the training is pre-recorded, which might not be ideal for those who prefer live interaction with the instructor.
  • Text Only Transcripts: Audio lessons only come with text transcripts, which might not be as engaging for some learners.
  • Market Competition: Affiliate marketing is a competitive field, so you’ll need to work hard and be patient to see results.
  • Limited Time Access: You only have access to the program for 12 months after purchase, which might not be enough time for everyone to complete the course and implement the strategies.

Fast Tracks: With knowledge & tools in hand, your hustle builds the income. Remember, no magic bullets exist, just hard work and the right program.

Can You Really Make $1,000 a Day with The Fast Tracks Program?

Let’s tackle the big question head-on:

The answer like most things in life isn’t a simple

yes” or “no.”

The answer like most things in life isn't a simple "yes" or "no."

Several factors influence your earning potential with The Fast Tracks, including:

  • Your niche: Choosing a profitable niche with high-paying offers is crucial. Imagine promoting a $10 product versus one worth $500 – your earning potential vastly differs.
  • The quality of the offer: Not all affiliate offers are created equal. Select products that resonate with your audience & offer real value, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Traffic generation strategies: How you drive traffic to your offers is key. Paid advertising, email marketing & organic SEO are some potential options, each with its learning curve & costs.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Getting people to click on your affiliate links isn’t enough. You need to optimize your landing pages, emails & sales funnels to convert clicks into actual purchases.
  • Scaling your efforts: As you start seeing results, you can (and should) scale your efforts to reach a wider audience and boost your earnings. This requires reinvesting profits & continually learning & adapting.
4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Profits: Discover a FREE website to find profitable products, create a compelling poll with our $50k+ template, get paid to build your email list with secret traffic sources (10x cheaper!), and profit from your list for years with proven email templates.

So, can you hit the $1,000 a day mark? It’s definitely possible with hard work, dedication, and the right combination of factors discussed above. Don’t expect instant results. This is more like a long race than a quick dash.

Here’s a more realistic picture:

  • Beginner: Starting fresh, you might see earnings of $10-$50 per day in the initial months.
  • Intermediate: With consistent effort and optimization, you could reach $100-$300 daily within a year.
  • Advanced: Experienced marketers, with a proven track record and extensive audience, can potentially reach $500-$1,000 and beyond.

Remember, these are just estimates. Your individual results will vary depending on your skills, niche, and the effort you put in.

The Fast Tracks program provides a solid foundation & valuable strategies for affiliate marketing success.

However, success takes hard work & time, so~ do not expect to become a millionaire overnight. Keep learning, keep trying & do not give up!!!

Conclusion of The Fast Tracks

Fast Tracks unlocks the potential for affiliate success, but diligent execution is key. Weigh the program’s strengths against the time and commitment required to build a thriving business.

Forget fairy tales Can Fast Tracks realistically bring you $ 1,000 daily?

Well, not exactly. It’s not a magic pill. Level up your affiliate game with this guide! You’ll unlock the secrets to promoting products like a pro and start seeing those sweet commissions roll in.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Affiliate Marketing Made Easy: No more struggling with complicated terms or figuring things out on your own. This program makes affiliate marketing clear & fun showing you how to pick the perfect products. build an email list that works and gets tons of visitors who become paying customers.
  • Proven strategies: Merlin Holmes shares his tried-and-tested methods for generating leads, closing sales, and scaling your affiliate business.
  • Actionable steps: Each module comes with clear instructions and actionable steps, making it easy to implement what you learn.
  • Community support: You’ll have access to a supportive community of fellow students and experienced marketers who can offer guidance and motivation.
Testimonials from Steve Dewitt & Carol Douthitt about The $1k A Day Fast Track online course by Merlin. Both made $500+ in sales within days.

But there are also some things to consider:

  • Time commitment: Building a successful affiliate business takes time and effort. Be ready for effort and patience; results take time.
  • Competition: The affiliate marketing landscape is competitive. Uncover your special interest, be unique, and regularly share helpful content.
  • Investment: The Fast Tracks program is not cheap. You need to weigh the cost against the potential benefits and your own financial situation.

No magic bullets, just Fast Tracks & your hard work.

Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Do you have a genuine interest in affiliate marketing?
  • Building something awesome often takes hours, not minutes. Ready to commit the time?
  • Is your budget ready for the program?
  • Are you comfortable learning from a program with limited live interaction?

Can’t promise success, but The Fast Tracks gives tools and mindset tips for a financial head start.

Ready for the next phase?

The Fast Tracks, Merlin Holmes, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, $1K Daily Income, Build Your List

And remember, I’m always here to answer your questions & offer support. Ready to nail affiliate marketing together?

The Fast Tracks Compare / Alternative

Limited spots available! Register now for Merlin Holmes' free webclass on building residual income streams.
Don’t miss out! Register now for Merlin Holmes’ free web class and unlock your earning potential.

The Fast Tracks by Merlin Holmes

Ease of use

Content-rich but easy-to-follow training; done-for-you templates


30-day money-back guarantee; community forum


  • $997 for Full Access Pass
  • 3 payment plan ($397 per month for three months)


A six-week program that teaches how to make money via affiliate marketing using simple poll pages and 2nd tier traffic sources

Customer reviews

Positive reviews from students who claim to have made significant income from the program; some complaints about the quality of the videos and the lack of updates


  • Proven techniques for affiliate marketing. 
  • low-risk investment.
  • experienced creator.
  • There is lots of social proof.


  • Pricey for beginners.
  • Webinars aren’t live.
  • No text transcripts.
Get the Freedom Accelerator program for $1,997 (limited-time discount) - Learn affiliate marketing, build your online business, and join a supportive community.
Don’t miss out! Get $500 off Freedom Accelerator + Lifetime Coaching & Bonuses. Limited spots available.

Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya

Ease of use

Designed for all video editing experience levels; friendly user interface.


30-day money-back guarantee; private Facebook group; weekly live Q&A sessions.


  • $1,997 for lifetime access
  • 3 payment plan ($747/month for 3 months)


A four-phase process that guides you from $0 to $100,000 per month in affiliate marketing using short-form videos on social media platforms

Customer reviews

Positive reviews from students who praise the quality of the content and the support from the creator and the community; some complaints about the lack of advanced strategies and the difficulty of getting approved by some affiliate networks.


  • Comprehensive and beginner-friendly program.
  • Realistic and actionable steps.
  • Diverse and versatile tools & resources.
  • Inspiring and helpful creator.


  • Expensive for some people.
  • Requires consistent work & patience.
  • Results may vary depending on the niche & the platform.
Unlock B2B sales success with actionable email marketing, outbound sales, training, and Turbocharge your sales in 30 days!
Dominate B2B sales without endless pitches. Get a comprehensive solution including cold email secrets, sales scripts, landing page optimization, and more. Increase conversions, close high-ticket deals, and boost your B2B business.

B2B (Business-to-Business) ProSales

Ease of use

Straightforward training; step-by-step instructions and examples


60-day money-back guarantee; email support; bonus materials


  • $599


A comprehensive guide to mastering B2B sales and marketing; covers topics such as cold calling, cold emailing, landing page creation, lead generation, etc.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews from users who have applied the techniques and seen results; some complaints about the lack of originality and the outdatedness of some information


  • Practical & effective strategies.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced marketers.
  • Generous refund policy; affordable price.


  • Not very innovative or unique.
  • Some info might be old or not useful.
  • Limited support.
Jordan Mackey, founder of Bye 9 To 5 online business program.
generating income without showing your face

Bye 9 To 5 by Jordan

Ease of use

Intuitive and easy to learn how to use; no tech skills needed


120 days money-back guarantee; private Facebook group; email support


  • $997


A 6-module course that teaches how to make money on YouTube without showing your face or using your voice; covers topics such as niche selection, video creation, monetization, etc.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews from students who have successfully grown their YouTube channels and earned passive income; some complaints about the lack of depth and the repetitiveness of some content


  • In-demand and profitable niche.
  • Realistic and achievable goals.
  • Proven and tested methods.
  • Authentic and transparent creator.


  • Expensive for some people.
  • Requires consistent work & patience.
  • Saturated and competitive market.
create high-quality $1000 videos fast with preloaded templates
Effortlessly make professional videos with 1500+ Done-For-You templates in niches, animations & voices. Risk-free

AI Video Creator by Chris & Ken

Ease of use

Web and mobile video dimensions; high-resolution video; customizable templates


60-day money-back guarantee; email support; video tutorials


  • $1 TRIAL
  • $17 ONE-OFF payment for INSTANT access


A tool that utilizes AI to create videos based on text prompts; allows you to experiment with various genres and styles; provides royalty-free video maker

Customer reviews

Positive reviews from users who have enjoyed the ease & the creativity of the tool; some complaints about the quality & the originality of the videos


  • Fun & easy to use.
  • No technical skills required.
  • Low price; unlimited videos.


  • Not very professional or realistic.
  • May produce similar or duplicate videos.
  • May not suit all purposes or audiences.

FAQ: The Fast Tracks Review

What is the total cost of the program, including any hidden fees or upsells?

  • The program costs $2,997, with no reported hidden fees.
  • However, be cautious of upsells during checkout. These might include additional coaching, software, or higher-tier memberships with increased costs.

Is there a payment plan available?

How much time per day or week should I dedicate to the program to see results?

Is it compatible with a full-time job or other commitments?

Do I need any specific technical skills or software to participate in the program?

Is it beginner-friendly in terms of the platform and tools used?

How does the program help me choose a profitable niche for my affiliate marketing efforts?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on niche selection?

What specific traffic generation strategies are taught in the program besides poll pages and 2nd-tier traffic?

How effective are these strategies compared to more traditional methods?

Can you provide concrete examples or data on the average income of The Fast Tracks graduates?

Concrete examples or data on average income are not readily available on The Fast Tracks website or in independent reviews. Income results will vary greatly based on individual efforts and market factors.

Is it realistic to expect similar results without prior experience?

What are the terms and conditions of the refund policy?

Can I get a full refund if I’m not satisfied with the program?

How does the program teach me to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business that can grow over time?

Does it cover strategies for automation and scaling?

Are there any additional resources provided beyond the core program, such as webinars, bonus materials, or ongoing support?

Are there any other reputable affiliate marketing programs or resources you recommend for comparison?

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